Is the MSM reporting on Hunter as a prelude to saying bye to Joe ?  Both have been off limits for 2 years.

Monty Python was ahead of the world in sex/gender/woke confusion and general BS.

A WOKE journalist can’t take the pressure.  Maybe we should get some teachers from Connecticut give her some puberty blocking drugs.

China starts demanding to run the world.

Maybe this loser can work for CNN or Netflix.

More Jackson news is released, after the televised hearings.


Lori ( Big Member) of the Chicago Lightfoot Tribe has 71 Chicago police officers, paid for by taxpayers, to protect her 24-7.  She wanted to cut police funds by 80 million dollars.  Chicago–my kind of town.  She has another 20 that float around like butterflies.


Here is another traitor.

It’s hard to listen to Dave.


The DOC Editor:  How are things in the DoC, LL ?

The What’s Up Doc Cat:  The District of Columbia is the most corrupt, sleaze filled place in America.

The first thing that new politicians, lobbyist, and drug dealers do is decide who is first.  They swap jobs after every election.  Here is one new Congressman’s experience.

Over half of the District is two-faced.

Sometimes your good cocaine gets mixed in with bad Chinese Fentanyl.

Rumor has it that Congress will let Forbes and Nielsen be controlled by Chinese companies.

Make some biscuits.

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