I hope the gang of 51 exhausts American lawyers, and has to import some from China.

A HOR Democrat was maybe, almost, could have been bitten by a fox at the Capitol.  Nancy has a few holes to plug in her fortress walls.  The Representative is taking rabies shots, the fox just wants freedom from the child cage that Biden brought from the Southern Frontier, and justice—maybe even equity.

Every state should ban Pit Bull breeds.  I guess the politicians are searching for Trump colluders.

Cheer someone up.

Every female old enough to be given hormone treatments by teachers without parental consent should skip every event.  They are trying to destroy America’s culture.

Check your personality.  Do you see FJB ?

NBC is using the Alec Baldwin defense.  Do a Trump imitation for us, Alec.

Mississippi and OK-lahoma are doing what Biden has done, more than once on the same Executive Order Policy, let The Supremes straighten it out.


Bunker and survival thoughts.


The machine thinks.–after-repeated-gaffes-bidens-teleprompter-resigns-in-disgust


The Looking Glass Editor:  Do you sometimes feel like Alice in Wonderland, LL?

The Tornado Cat:  I sure do.  Here is some news about the Communist Chinese.  You haven’t seen a breakdown in world order with Putin.  The Chinese Communist ( Chi-Coms ) control America.  Their entire policy is to be number one.

As of April 1, the ” Ever Forward ” was still stuck.  The owners stated that they will add map reading to their requirements for a Pilots License.

America is in pitiful shape.

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