This is sad, but true.  It is even more sad that America is in the same condition.

You can see how far America has fallen by taking notice of who is supporting child sexual abuse in kindergarten.  In a related matter, Disney hired an Obama aide to stop the drop in profits.  Email to a friend.


Some people are waking up from woke.

I hope the GOP has plenty of poll watchers in The Peach State.

One official helps.

This official was beaten by animals.  Maybe parents need to be licensed, like a Fauci Biologist.

Take videos when they see the Capitol.

Another state is on the right path.



I want the R’s to do the same thing to the lying Democrats.  Make them spend every bribe dollar on attorney fees.


There is no truth to the rumor that the recycled Chick-fil-A cooking oil will make your car exhaust smell like chicken.


The Hungry Editor:  Is there a food shortage, LL ?

The Rat Eater:  There sure is-there always has been-there always will be.  As one ancient said, ” The poor you will always be with you “.

Things around the world are getting serious.

Sometimes you can’t even get what you need.

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