Guess who Congress is considering exempting from Monopoly Laws, THE MEDIA.

This is a puzzler, did Home Depot have sprinklers ?

Maybe Norah will benefit, she will be at CNN or NPR by then.


How did Trump avoid blame ?  Suspicion was raised when they paid their hookers.

Poor Bezos.

One juror knows the game.

Just raise the price.  Tipping is out of control.  You have automatic tipping and they suggest what they want.

Do it, make Joe send another case to the Supremes.  Plus another Biden scam story.

Remember, after they get your guns, knives are next.

After Afghanistan and Ukraine, what do the Chinese think about Taiwan.  Milley is a woke fool.

News from Oz.  This is a puzzler for many.


If you forget your real line, just use another state’s.  It might be cultural appropriation, but Joe is taking a nap and will never know.


If Instagram runs out of pedophiles, the union teachers have thousands who will work for free.


The Guessing Editor:  What is your title about, LL ?

The Mud Cat:  That’s the scientific names for democrats or pigs.  Pigs are smarter and more attractive than dems.

They do have a great sense of smell.  Here is a repeat of a previous photo of Nancy, Maxine Waters, and other dems sniffing out stock purchases from their insider information.  Their committee assignments give them insider info on what companies are about to do.

This is an Arkansas Razorback Cheerleader helping in the NCAA tournament.

These swine are getting prepared.

The Weekly Bee.

Maybe this guy can go back in time.


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