The Republicans should indict the whole scummy family, if the DOJ and MSM won’t do it.  Joe can plead senility, Hunter I’m a doper, brother James-I don’t know nuthin, Dr. Jill-I was kidnapped.  Seize their multiple homes and property under the RICO act.


The money spent on illegals is partially the reason for every household paying an extra $5,200.00 for goods this year.

Musk isn’t on Twitter’s Board after all, he wanted to remove the ” W “.

New Biden poll from CBS.

If Trump is healthy, either will be a good choice.  DeSantis will pull in more independents, and dems that aren’t retarded.  The dems want ballots flown in from Peking.

This is where the MSM gets their news ideas.

Bama fans were worried about this April Fool’s prank.  CNN picked up some ideas for future articles

Joe sux.

News of America’s great institutions.

Whatever they do, should include Russia removing all troops from Crimea and other Eastern Ukraine provinces.

Parts of Biden’s homeland are in a pickle.


Congress should tax all income at the full rate for every one making over $147,000.  If they get compensation of 50 million, tax it.  They don’t need it.  Without a Balanced Budget Amendment it is all only temporary.

Wendy’s finally takes worms out of their beef.


Walls do work, ask the Clintons or the Pope.


Mutual Of Omaha Editor:  What’s up with zebras, LL ?

Dizzy Cat:  A study finds that the stripes on zebras are to confuse biting flies or as Amigo calls them Horse Flies.

Something has gone wrong with evolution.  With a million years since zebras decided that stripes were the way to go, you would think that the flies would want to stop getting dizzy, drunk, or just bumping into trees.  Here is a high-tech dramatization in the life of one of the poor flies.

MOOE:  Could it be just one of those things, DC ?

I checked the Human Genome and didn’t find any mutations, the same thing happened to Democrats.  Here is what I stumbled upon.

This is another reason we were lied to about clean energy.  Sell them back to the Chinese, and they can build more artificial islands, and block traffic in the Pacific ocean.

This is very good reading.


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