Trump or DeSantis will have to clean out the upper management in the Bureaucracy.


Thanks to loyal readers Ammon and Baker for these articles.

Don’t forget the Political Action Committees ( PAC ), funded by Billionaires like Facebook’s Zuckerberg can give a billion if they want (400 million in 2020).

Did he or didn’t he ?

Go figure.

Hopefully, Musk will give Americans 9.2 % more freedom of speech.  Remove the W, send it to Texas.

Alabama is protecting their children’s future.

This is how the dem traitors should be fired, and then have an honest FBI agent take them for pictures and prints.


Some jokes are over a thousand years old.

Some pants are 3,000 years old.

This isn’t what you think.


This is great news.  Musk is taking Jack Dorsey, Zuckercreep, and the Apple Scum with him to Mars.  On the way to Mars only old technology can be used, because of the high radiation.

I bet every one of the illegals gets a phone.  I wouldn’t believe Biden and the Democrats if they said Ruth Bader Ginsberg was dead.

We hope this is a harbinger of things to come.


The Chef Editor:  Are you ready to starve to death, LL ?

The Rat Master:  I’m a cat– snakes, toads, frogs, bugs, mice, rats, and a bunch of other things are fine with me.  There are two reasons there is no food shortage in America.  First, Joe and Psaki said the empty shelves in stores were a result of us having so much money that we bought too much.

The second reason is that Joe and Pigwoman wouldn’t let in over 4 million immigrants if we didn’t have enough food for them.  Joe will give them a credit card for the internet and they can buy anything.

Putin is bluffing about selling food to only friendly countries, just like his bluff about invading Ukraine.

This is funny, scientists are forming a union with BLM and other fringe retards to do something.  Don’t forget to get Disney and Union Teachers (pedophiles) to sign up.

Joe can take corn out of ethanol production and use it for food.  Forty percent of America’s corn production is used to make ethanol.

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