Georgia Governor Kemp signs Constitutional Carry Law.  A bird poops on Biden.


The Sanctuary City of New York should put up a no vacancy sign, until they kill enough people to make it manageable.

The dems set another 40 year record.


Durham needs a staff as big as the January 6 Pigleosi Lie machine.


The Palestinians have been neglected by the news  since the Rainers were attacked by Putin, the psychotic sociopath.  The Israelis aren’t giving up their country voluntary.  With one more win by the dems that honor will go to the once great USA.

Florida wins again.

Trump’s Truth Social platform update.

Dumpster diving can pay off.

Everyone has songs that are not favorites.

Starbucks, Apple, Amazon, etc., support unions, except when they don’t.

I wish CNN was a stand alone company so they would go bankrupt.  ( owned by AT&T )

Joe would make a great dictator.


This should give us world peace.

If you can’t believe Russia, China, America, or almost the entire world MSM, who is left ?


Disney leads the way, just like an old Davy Crockett TV show.


The I’ll Slap Your Face Editor:  Do cats slap each other, LL ?

The I’ll Claw Your Tail Cat:  No, we usually scream, spit, and jump on each other.  Here are some reporters I had to discipline.  They were just young, vain, and shacking-up.

Here are some famous slaps–in their time.

Hollywood Blondes.

Be careful, especially in sanctuary locations.

Davey Crockett died at the Alamo, fighting for Texas.


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