This is wonderful.  Disneyland in Californication is getting a big protest.  Maybe the people around Orlando will protest at Disney World.

Keep boycotting everything Disney and their policy of pushing pedophile attitudes in schools.

Take back your local school boards.  Look at CNN and MSNBC, do you want these people in charge of schools, or anything else?


New Jersey is sacrificing their children.


The Republicans need to spend what ever it takes to defeat the Witch.

This is what the dems, BLM/Antifa, liberal left do when gas is too expensive to burn down buildings.

Tennessee is protecting their children from predators like Disney.

What a state.  Give the baby to the State law makers, Planned Parenthood, or Hunter Biden.

This guy goes to the Pigleosi School of Sign Language.

Here is another sign that might save you or your children’s life.

The Kentucky Republican Legislature overrides Democratic Governor vetoing law to protect women in sports.

The Kardashins use the same video person and photo shop.  The mermaid looks like Al Sharpton at a Spring Break beach party.


An Artificial Intelligent ( AI ) robot writes a speech for Joe Biden.

The next Academy presentation will be at Waffle House.

This is a surprise.


Many of these traitors were connected to the two impeachment farces, and other get-Trump-schemes.  They need to be indicted when an honest Attorney General is appointed.

Skip the things you don’t need.


The Not Surprised Either Editor:  Will stupid-masks be mandatory, LL ?

For Our New Readers Cat:  They might.  This is for our new readers.  Do you see the stupid people mentioned in this article running a Political Party ?

Biden is stupid.  He has acquired little wisdom in his 70 odd years.  You need capable help for a big job.  If LGBTQIOUABIGSNAKE and people of color are a requirement, hire some with experience.

Celebrities are, on the whole, not very smart or knowledgeable–just like politicians.

Biden and his LGBTQI Pentagon excel at indictable actions.

This is a Carl Sagan prophesy.

Be suspicious of anything on the net.

This is a remake of the 1941 Hitchcock classic ( it’s free ).



  1. The mermaid is Maxine Water’s mother. I believe the Kardashin’s photo shop could make her look pretty.

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