Don’t be a sucker.  They are just being quiet.  Their Board of Directors and California pedophile culture haven’t changed one mouse ear.  Protest in Orlando.

After midterms Disney will double-down on their child exploitation.  They want your money.


This is a terrible failure of the local doctors, CDC, NIH, and other local officials.

Georgia Senator Warnock wants to hide his divorce records.


Biden’s Border Chief thinks the Texas Governor should coordinate sending illegals to D.C. with the feds.  This is after over 2 million illegals have been spread over all 50 states, sometimes under the cover of darkness and just dropped off in the neighborhoods.

The Republicans should do like Biden, no compromises on anything.  Let The Supremes decide.

Another dem lie is exposed.

Let’s hope the Republicans and independents turn out to vote.

The left believes this, and that they should determine your children’s values.

We have reported this a few times–she is still trash.


Everything isn’t small.  When Stacey first ran for Governor she had a personal debt of around $230,000.00.  Politics has been good to her.  The dems should have her and Hillgal as 2024 candidates.

Beto is the man.


This is for our readers who missed the Democratic Jimmy Caarrteer 1970’s.

Some are improvements.


The Large World Editor:  Who are the Master Debased groups today, LL ?

The Medium World Cat:  I have two great selections today.  Let me get this out of the way–if you want to help America don’t take anyone to Disney World, Disney Cruises, or Disney Land this year.

If the Republicans win Congress they should attack the WOKERS like Pigwoman did/does attack Republicans.

Disney is pushing the Connecticut model to give children puberty blockers with teachers, administrators, and a nurse doing the experiments.

Maybe they will get equity and justice.

The teacher union members are no good.

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