I hope he is successful in taking the special police district away from Disney, and repealing the special tax break.  Tell Disney to move to California, and invite Congress to meet at Dismerica ( Fantasy Land ).

Americans don’t have to help the enemy.


Delaware is next, after Abbott fills up DC with illegals.  One of Joe’s beach houses could hold many families.


This is funny, The Washington Post is against billionaires owning media companies.  As we all know, Bezos of Amazon, bought the Washington Post a few years ago.

Biden and his Dung Beetles have done few legal things since 2021.  There must be 10 law violations in this order from the Florida District Court.

Nancy records an 89 % on distrust and sleaze in our readers poll.

Kansas isn’t a fly over state anymore.

Bezos uses his ownership of the Washington Post again.


You can’t count on everyone being a democrat.

This is the kind of guy we need at the Pentagon.  Maybe Milley and Austin need a stiff one before the dreaded Senate testimony.


This is the type of trash we need to un-elect.

Their next case might be the Haunted Al Sharpton Crib at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


The Sergeant Major Editor:  Is this a military issue, LL ?

The 3RD Army Cat:  Sort of.

Leaders could learn a lot from Patton, couldn’t they, T3AC ?

They sure could.  A leader who puts America first could save her.  A lot of disinfectant will be needed.

A leader who knows where he/she is going has a head start on the opposition.

He would be leading not from behind like O, or from a beach house in Delaware like Biden, but from the battle.

A lot of jackasses would be retired.  They are just blocking progress, anyway.

The rosy stories of the American haters making great improvements in America, with the MSM collusion would be exposed.  The planes are the dems, MSM, Pigleosi, Biden, Obama, Clintons, Twitter, Google, Facebook-Meta, etc.

In the military you get two names, your rank and last name.  There are no pronouns, LGBTQ flags, CRT, 1619, or pink vehicles.

If he was reincarnated, he needs to come back one more time.

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