The Lyrid Meteor Show continues through the weekend.


Piers Morgan has always been a slime ball.  He should change his name to Clinton.

She is right.  Let’s give all the wokers a state—Cuba.  Take Disney’s cruise ships and send 5,000 a day to Havana.


This news is second only to hear of several national Democrats resigning after a 737 flight.

It isn’t any known politicians.


The real news.

This is nice, but doesn’t do much.  If the Republicans and/or Democrats had built the wall when Trump was President 95 percent of the chaos would be nonexistent.

Netflix might cut Obama’s woke-work hours.

Philadelphia is done.   Let’s see what November brings.

It’s a wonderful country—for dopes and criminals.

Durham is rolling along.

Clyburn is your run of the mill Slime Democrat.  He is giving presents to his family from money he got for saving Biden in the South Carolina Democratic Presidential Primary.

Obama was born in Chicago corruption and will die in Evil.


Seeing two galaxies collide would be a thousands of years occasion.

Would you see a billion coronas ?


Pete is on the job.


The Auto Editor:  What’s going on with Mercedes, LL ?

The Energy Cat:  Mercedes has a car that goes 620 miles without recharging.

The starting price appears to be around $145,000.  America should provide a free one to all members of the HOR, Senate, and the Supremes.

TAE:  Are the facts listed bonified, TEC ?

They sure are, here are our fact checkers–better than CNN, MSNBC, and the other MSM members.  Liars wouldn’t have honest fact checkers.

This is a happy Checker.


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