The only thing to beat this news would be in the Obituary Column.


Let’s see how woke the New Mexico District Attorney is.  Will Alec’s problems end before Smollett’s ?


The Conservatives need to wake up concerning local elections.

The DOJ and media are still withholding thousands of pages on Hunter’s laptop.  What a sad story for America.

Was this dirty ?

Anyone who can read knows the dems blocked Trump’s wall.  End of story.

This creep would make a good Senator or HOR member.

The Secret Service lies like the prostitutes they had in Columbia, South America, and refused to pay, until the women went to the media.  Sue them for the FOIA.  He meets his fellow criminals there to keep their visit secret.

Why Not ?  Biden takes everything to court.  I hope he doesn’t resign today.


If one of these doesn’t work, you are psychosomatic.  Have a large Margarita like Jen Psaki.


This is one of the grooming-rooms at Disney.  The Sphinx calls them Tiny Torture Rooms.


The Why Editor:  Why did you neglect things, LL ?

The Busy Cat:  Some things I didn’t have time to do because of updating our premium edition about sex.  I think the corruption of the MSM enabled the Radical-Left to take things over.

Forget omelettes, the R’s are going to make butter.

This was misplaced a year ago.

Student loans have been neglected since they were authorized.  The borrowers must be allowed to go bankrupt–check article 1 section 8.  Even better the program should be cancelled, and never rise again, until a balanced budget amendment is added to The Constitution.  Forgive all student loans, and loan never again.

The dems continue their violence.

The Pages working in the HOR were discontinued because of sexual misconduct by the HOR members.  Now the predators have to be a Senator, which kept the program.


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