A Great Parrot Joke

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Lucille’s husband of 40 years passed away. She was terribly lonesome. Her friend owned a pet store and suggested that she buy a talking parrot to keep her company. Although the parrot was expensive, she decided to buy the bird.  Lucille took the parrot home and waited for days, but it never spoke. She went back to the pet shop and her friend suggested that she buy the bird a ladder. He pointed out that parrots need exercise to keep them happy. She bought the ladder…after three days, the bird never spoke. She went back to the pet store, she was very angry. The pet store owner asked if she had bought the bird a mirror because they love to groom themselves. Although she was quite livid, she invested again.

She came back to the pet store the next day and told the owner that her parrot had died. The pet store owner asked, “Did it ever even speak a word?”

“Yes, before my parrot  died it asked one question.”




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