Joe and the dems want to take Veterans Administration medical personnel to the Southern Frontier to care for illegals.

Estimates guesstimate that when Trump’s policies are stopped, each month illegals will enter to fill a city the size of Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Who cares if he is illegal—not Nancy, Schumer, or Joe.

What is going on with the USS George Washington ?



Obama is a trashy skank.


Win or lose I hope the Senate Republicans select someone other than MCConnell, The Wind Follower.  You can’t have  a leader do an excellent job on judges, then vote with the dems on other things.  He is 80 years old–thanks for the memories.


I would like to see the same commies run again, Bernie, Fauxahontas, Joe, Spartacus, Kamala, and add Hill-rat.  Anyone who can climb the Washington Monument in 15 minutes qualifies.

BLM should be heard on only ” The View ” with other creeps.

Maybe people are realizing that the MSM hasn’t told the truth since Hillrat lost.

Real women need to wake up, or be like Judge Jackson.


This is long overdue.  The Chinese have all the trade secrets.  You can’t manufacture in China without giving them the processing steps.  This is like when car manufacturers wouldn’t give information to owners, when computers were installed in cars.  The creeps want you to pay for a product and charge you forever to change a battery or anything else. You would have thought ” Check Engine ” was a nuclear code for Jimmy  Caarrter.

These are car diagnostic scanners that the manufactures tried to hide, much like smartphone manufacturers are doing.


The USS Abraham Lincoln is in the Pacific.  Obama wanted to change the name to The Reverend Wright.

The Onion.


The Pollen Editor:  What’s up beside pollen, LL ?

The Yellow Cat:  I have so much pollen on my fur that the cats at the mouse/lizard bodega thought I was Asian.  Here are some interesting goings on.  The USPS is copying the delivery of Pizza in NYC.  They won’t deliver in some areas of Los Angeles.  Here is the motto that the USPS refuses to get killed over.

Some people never learn.  Maybe schools should teach decision making and the alphabet in K-12.

The Bee.

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