I’m surprised that Trump got out alive.

The Federal Government has sold out America to China.


These are members of The New World Order, that you hear mentioned occasionally.

This is from the NYT, but the article includes an audio of McCarthy and Cheney.  We don’t need part time ” America First ” politicians.  If the R’s win either house I hope they improve on their leaders.

Congress has to break up Twitter, Google, Meta/Facebook, Amazon, etc.  If the feds can make you take medicine they can make these monopolies tell the truth.

This is an example of an activist Judge.  This case should have never reached a courthouse.

Retarded thinking should be listed on the NYSE.

My catwalk crew loves those nips and shoes.


What accent ?

If they go to Canada Trudeau will put them in prison.


Two more companies are named as Masters of Woke.

I would add, tell any committee that Nadler and Schiff are members.


The Creepy Editor:  Are you tired of politics, LL ?

The Stagnant Water Cat:  I sure am. Mosquitos are safer than politicians.

Here are some alleged smart bugs.

Here is a NYC nicotine roach.

The school pedophiles keep trying.

This is overdue.  Do you remember Donna Brazile giving Hillgal the questions before the debate ?

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