Twitter accepts Musk’s buyout.


Exxon won’t fly LGBTQI+ flag at their offices.  Why should they ?


Not much is gained until all forms of the media are made to tell the truth or include messages in their broadcasts that they do not report news.  The FCC controls speech every day.


Obama, Michelle, and the other Democrats at Netflix that weren’t qualified for a civilian job haven’t helped Netflix very much.

Any Republican who agrees with this is an open-border fool.  We have 3,000 illegals a day coming in.  We don’t have a border barrier.

The whole climate-change deal is a joke when India and China aren’t participating, not to mention every millionaire who owns private jets.

Rest In Unpeace, CNN, and the rest.

Maybe Mayor Bowser can paint another street with Green Lives Matter to go with her BLM graffiti painted street.

The poop-pill is here.

We will see.


The feds want to create another Bank and tax cryptocurrency, things like Bitcoins.

DeSantis upsets the Left which includes most, dems, LGBTQI, BLM, Antifa, commies, the squad, and other slimy people.


You never know.


The Cowboy Editor:  What is Buc-ee’s, LL ?

Ride’m Cowboy Cat:  It is a large chain of Texas gas stores that serves many needs.  Here is a little history.  Buc-ee’s said don’t mention Disney in any article.

These buses may have stopped at a Buc-ee’s. ( a repeat )

I want to get football news from a couple years ago, and the present on the books–so to speak.  The owners are seldom punished.

Let’s keep a watch on Dan.  Tomorrow is never to soon for screwing the public.–jake-roth-usa-today-sports


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