There is a mystery child hepatitis outbreak.


This is America, an unelected Judge takes control of the health system, tax system, prison system.  These are legislative matters not judicial concerns.  This is an activist judge.  Appeal to the Supremes.


Support these moms.



Lori Big Member is hard at work in the Murder City.  The citizens must like it.  Liberalism is a mental illness.


The Democrats never learn that unpunished criminals go to where they find the most money or valuables.  I hope they don’t start going to the rich politicians mansions.  Civility and manners are part of a functioning society.

This is why the Secret Service won’t release names of visitors to Joe’s beach-house.

I hope Vance wins, but Congress permitted the outsourcing of almost everything.  Do you remember all of the customer service calls answered in India.

Joe saves everyone and everything, making dependency on government a global goal.

I hope our Billionaires don’t start dying like the Rooskie Billionaires.

China has COVID problems.


I hope McCarthy is as unscrupulous, vindictive, hate filled, rude, abrasive, etc., as Pigleosi.   I would reinstate the over 180 year old head covering rule that Pigleosi’s dems abolished.  I would take back Pigleosi’s vote by email when you aren’t in attendance.

Catholic Purgatory has a choir.


Dianne wants her Captain’s Hat.  Maybe she is a submariner.


The Underwater Editor:  Do you like submarines, LL ?

The Dolphin Cat:  I sure do.  Here is a little information on what it is like to qualify on a Nuclear Submarine.

These are drawings of early submarines.

This is our first Hunter-Killer Millennial Sub.

This is amazing.  People and a sub are reduced to the size of a COVID-19 virus, and sent on a mission to repair the President’s damaged brain.

Will these fliers give up their travel for a Green Planet ?

Trump has learned to make his own video and audio when talking to Dung Beetles like Morgan.

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