Here is why you need to take the schools back, like DeSantis.  Joe and the Democrats believe that the teachers own the children.  They can do whatever they want.


The Twitter Diary–a temporary feature, guaranteed to last no longer than Joe’s and Psaki’s transitory inflation.

Another Musk owned business sends Astronauts to the space station.


The Chinese control most deposits of lithium ore.  You would think grocery stores or similar places would have a drop-off.

A Twitter lawyer is sad.  Since Netflix is crashing the Democratic National Committee ( DNC ) is probably her next employer.

The dem policies just aren’t working.

Is Australia waking up ?

This might help.

This appears to be a confluence of bad decisions.  It’s like a Supreme Court member not being able to define woman, or a nominee to The Federal Reserve Bank having zero experience.

Twitter is becoming a place where freedom of ideas is welcome.

One of Georgia’s Senators is having problems.


The Republicans are no slouches when it comes to keeping power, but the Democrats and their MSM partners are the Mongooses of Washington, D.C.

If you don’t have a 20% tip automatically added to your bill this might help.


The Weekly Bee.


The World Editor:  What is happening in the world, LL ?

CATastrophe Cat:   Some of these articles might require serious thought.

Watch those insects.

Satellite help on the battlefield will be non-existent with China or Russia.  They will blow them up.

This is why Hunter, The Cuomos, and a few smaller fry get the treatment on occasion.  Their style of play is no longer profitable for the casino.

D.C. is the money capital of the world.  It attracts thieves, crooks, murderers, magicians, scum, lobbyists, friends, relatives, traitors, and a few honest politicians.  It’s the fast lane.

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