DeSantis speaks.

Veterans are disrespected again.  I hope Biden resigns today to spend more time with his family—his great-great grandfather.


Be careful, everywhere.

Suggestions for Musk.

Ignore the wokers, they are losers.  The last fun they had was burning down a court house.


Take a gun safety class to improve your aim, and get some security cameras to record the criminal.

I report Wokeism articles to let our readers know that their vote is needed in November.


These cameras malfunctioned for the same reason 3 cameras and 2 guards malfunctioned watching Jeffrey Epstein.  The authorities wanted no evidence to show their murder/corruption.  To live this long Ghislaine Maxwell must have a well hidden video or little black book.

This looks similar to R’s like Romney and Murkowski supporting the DemocRATS.

Your free Google wants your thoughts.

Musk suggests new name for Trump’s social site.

Before long our readers will have a complete psychological exam.

This will happen when the R’s get both houses and the Presidency.  The wall will be finished then.

Conservatives should not get lazy and not vote.  Super Majorities in Congress could override a Biden veto.

England has become a dictatorship.

News of a 14 year old murderer–don’t tell me there were no warning signs.

Put Marjorie in charge of an important committee.


If you want more money enter politics.

Politicians don’t need to burglar your home.


The government can’t do anything right.  They should set the traps around DC whorehouses and meth houses.  They would catch half of congress.

1099 what ?


The World Editor:  Are large ships out of date, LL ?

The Military Cat:  With the development of cruise missiles and drone planes, I think large ships are a thing of another age.  Carriers might be useful in emergencies providing water, beds, medicine, etc.

This is an authentic secret video of a conversation between Joe and Jill.  Willow the White House cat took the video.  We had to photo shop the scene to keep Willow’s identity secret.  The question was asked of Joe, what did you do last year to control immigration, crime, inflation, lying officials, child safety, etc., and what will you do this year ?

The Republican Party needs to get behind their Georgia candidates.

No country that wants to maintain its sovereignty should import things it can produce at home.  It will cost more but you will be free.

Bill has been a creep forever, Kamala has been hard to work with forever.  People know these things and do nothing until it explodes.

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