Bow to Biden and the Democrats, kiss their ring.  Impeach Joe before he dies.

The Indiana Attorney General files suit against BLM and their various partners in deceit.


Your President says your children belong to the teachers.


This house sounds like Joe Biden is selling America.  The only difference is America has 20 million squatters.

This is a great new something.

This is a hoot.  Can you spot the criminals ?  This might revel a little about your personality.

Kamala should begin a talk or game show.

Stephen’s comments about Irving applies to a majority of Washington politicians that I see/hear.

The MSM is pretty sharp, reporting that sex sells.  The R’s in Congress have seen Hillgal, Nancy, Maxine, Hirono, and the others so much that  Sinema’s  46 years old cleavage is a nice change.  The R’s that were swayed must be new to DC, and not told of the Congressional Massage Parlors.

A Disney Officer quits.  Boycott Disney, they haven’t stopped supporting child abuse, they only slithered back under their rocks.


If Senator McConnell is supporting Murkowski’s reelection, the National Republican Party should do everything they can to select a new Republican Senate leader.  McConnell is a rich Swamper.

Be like China, own a piece of America.


Danger, Danger.  The first video shows Robot marrying Reynolds Wrap Woman.

Watch these movies before moving to California, or any sanctuary state.


The Anticipating Editor:  Your title sounds interesting, LL.  What is it about ?

The What Works Cat:  These are some handy-dandy ideas.  The first one is how to make a hologram.  Amigo tried it out and got a Princess.

Some of these tips will help you feel better.  Pigleosi has the cedar chips in every Democratic HOR members office suite.

Here is a cooks delight.  It sounds like a California border town or the Chinese soldiers.

TAE:  Weren’t you a good cook for a time, TWWC ?

I was a chef, until I jumped on the counter while Amigo was making a Tuna Salad.  He grabbed my tail and swung me around and around.  The centrifugal force was so strong that I couldn’t bite or scratch him.

Did you stop cooking after that ?

I did, all I can remember is the stove, refrigerator, fireplace, and couch going faster and faster.  Here is what it was like, for the 6 dems in America that believe in science

Sometimes, I still get dizzy when I go past the stove.

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