Biden’s Minister of Truth is appointed–Life expectancy of the agency is longer than CNN+, but not past the next Presidential election.  Someone take it to The Supremes.

This retarded ” C ” wants to lock you up for criticizing her.


Musk is trying to move Twitter’s Headquarters to Texas, but all the moving trucks are taking illegals to all 50 states.


There is a baby formula shortage.

Vote Democratic.

These miserable Republicans deserve to lose.  With a majority in sight they want to sell out.

I don’t believe the R’s either.


The facts are missing concerning the bully’s past.  The parents should be sued.

This is a good punter.

Biden wants to silence Twitter.  This woman should be on The Supremes.

Kennedy exposes another liar.

We know the DOJ is a branch of the Democratic Party.


There is no surprise here.

NFL news.  Latinos demand Cleveland change the name of their team.


This is for our Zoomers.


The Inquiring Editor:  What is generations about, LL ?

The Nocturnal Generation Cat:   It’s just an update of names given to people born between calendar years.  The names vary a little, as Justice Jackson would say, nothing is written in stone.

These people were probably called the Hungry and Cold Generation.

We do know that they invented mathematics.  Here is a video uncovered in the Pyramid of Khufu.

Some people make fun of blondes, but they discovered mathematics.  Mog-ur became the first Sugar Daddy.

Bridgette moved to Egypt and taught the Egyptians how to make things.

Will our robot lovers have rights ?

They will have to fight for them.

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