For my friends….TODAY

Tomorrow, you can share a FIFTH….with a friend….after all it will be Cinco de Mayo!
-Sheila Tolley-



The Chief Justice has lost control of the Court.  Where are the BLM arsonist ?  Roberts needs to make a statement, today.  A  FBI investigation won’t help, the leaker probably works for them or the CIA.


This would be a city with a population about the size of Atlanta, Georgia, entering every month.  They would have no jobs, no income, no schools or anything else.  Let’s fill the houses/mansions of Pigleosi, Bernie, Maxine, Schumer, Pocahontas, Hillgal, Omar, Pressley, Hirono, Feinstein, AOC, Spartacus, all the Bidens, and the other slimers.


We can’t appreciate teachers this week.  I haven’t seen one teacher denounce the sexual abuse of child students.  Appreciate parents and DeSantis.

It looks like Putin is checking-out.


No charges for Trump.

The Laundrie File reopens after a period of dormancy, similar to Smollett and Alec Baldwin.  A few dem creeps are changing their opinion on policy now that midterms are close.  After elections they will call for all non-believers to be sent to concentration camps.

This is a new diary, it is a little bizarre. The Vicky Diary.  All officers need tracking devices on their body or clothing, and maybe two escorts for a murderer.

You and your children can easily be tracked.

I hope the slide continues.

The 250 books are probably her and Joe’s staff members.

He needs to change his drink to Rum & Pepsi.

JonBenet Ramsey is back in the news.

Meghan and Harry get cancelled.


Joe used the name of a Tom Clancy spy in emails to his partners in espionage.

The Pentagon has gone into the propaganda business.  Trump or DeSantis can get Hillgal to sanitize it.

Biden might get in the pool and show his blond leg hair.


What is going on with the USS George Washington ?

Hunter gets a job.


The Value Editor:  Do you know about economics, LL ?

The Money Grows On Trees Cat:  Every cat learns about economics, right after we learn how to trip people.  Here are a few articles that might help our Oregon readers.

This explains where we are now.

Joe says we couldn’t be doing any better.  CNN even has guests that tell the truth.

Deutsche Bank has a warning.

TVE:  Will Biden’s lies, subterfuge, cover-ups, obfuscation, stretching the lies and shrinking the truth, make him a Statesman ?

Here is a Chinese Lion.

Biden and his group use the same schemes to teach 5 year old children about sex, gender, masturbation, and convert them to the LGBTQI+ community.  Grooming makes it sound helpful.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Planets Over Egyptian Pyramid
Image Credit & Copyright: Osama Fatehi

Explanation: The early morning planet parade continues. Visible the world over, the planets Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Saturn have been lining up in the pre-dawn sky since mid-April. In the featured image taken last month, these planets were captured over the Step Pyramid of Djoser, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located in the Saqqara necropolis of Egypt, the pyramid was constructed in the 27th century BC and is one of the oldest pyramids known. The two-image composite includes a foreground image taken during evening blue hour, and a background image captured from the same location the following morning. The morning planet line-up is slowly changing. At the end of last month, planets Jupiter and Venus switched places, while at the end of this month, Jupiter and Mars will switch after passing within one-degree of each other. Of course, this picturesque planetary angular alignment is a coincidence, as all of these worlds continue to orbit the Sun as they have for billions of years, well before even the ancient Pyramid of Djoser was built.

Tomorrow’s picture: open space