THE SPHINX—Cinco de Mayo


Our readers should expect this–you aren’t getting anything from the dems while they control the HOR, Senate, Presidency.  They will lie, steal, hide, change, and kill to squash any opposition like a cockroach.  Remember that when the R’s get back in charge.  Here is Pocahontas almost having an out of body experience.

Today is Cinco de Mayo day.  This is not for just our loyal Mexican readers, everyone have some Margaritas at home.


The dems discover woman/women again, what a surprise.

Tuesday’s primary results.  All 22 of Trump endorsed candidates won.  The first link is from Politico, a Democratic bed partner.  Google mostly gives Democratic links.

The Vicky Diary.  A capital murder suspect also discovered a woman.

Musk tees off on NBC rats.


You never know when you, your child, or car are being monitored.  Criminals can follow anyone anywhere, including home.

I hope Netflix gets so bad that Obama is laid off.

Roberts will have to do the investigation, every agency in DC is a member of the Democratic Party.

Lake Meade is giving up some secrets.

More secrets are here.

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