The dems want to codify abortion in Congress, what does it mean ?  They want to pass a law making it legal.  If Congress does pass a law–the Supremes have already said it isn’t a Federal Power–if they toss Roe.

The R’s need their own protest at every Democrat residence they can locate.  Let’s get going.

Governor Youngkin will help protect The Supremes.

The Vicky Diary.


Joe’s new spokesperson should fit right in.

Baby formula shortage worsens.


Tulsi is right on this.  If you remember Hillary called her a Russian Agent.


Watch out for these words ” the end of democracy “.  They are used by the demdemons to replace, ” walls don’t work”, which was replaced by ” white supremacist “, which was replaced by, ” racist “, which was replaced by, ” white priviledge “, which was replaced by, ” justice-equity “, it goes on and on.


The rioters are back on duty.  They follow the Democrats call for violence.

Here is what they need.

The R’s win in New York.


The dem Dung Beatles have been constantly creating problems to divide America since Hilltoad lost.

Herschel gets an endorsement.  I hope the R’s have a lot of poll watchers in DeKalb and Fulton counties.

Maybe Californians are fed-up.

Garth rocks Ba-ton Rouge.

PayPal wants some of Apple’s monopoly.

Everyone knew this 3 years ago, but she passed the color test.  Judge Jackson is a different story, she is evil.

BLM is a terrorist group, the dems love them.


Today is Mother’s Day, even in Utah.  We hope Romney and the LDS members only have one wife/mother.  We know he has 2 political parties.

The dems haven’t passed a birthing person day declaration yet.


With airlines converting to buses, see the USA in a Chevrolet.


We don’t recommend anything but the United States Constitution, but this sounds interesting.

The Bee 4-22-22.


The History Editor:  Have you ever written an article about a state, LL ?

The Ute Cat:  I know I will sound like a Supreme Court appointee or a Biden appointment to his cabinet, but I don’t remember.  Utah is named after a Native American Tribe.

The Utes seem to have had a better culture than, Los Angles, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, NYC, Baltimore, and a few other lawless cities.

The Mormons or their preferred name The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints ( LDS ), seem to have made the first large scale settlement in Ute Land.

This is a little bit of their religious beliefs.

Orin Hatch a long serving Utah Senator died a few days ago.

News of the Utah Senate race.  At least we know Republican elected  Mitt Romney is a Democrat.

This is the Sun Dance of the Plains Tribes.  It looks a little rough on the nipples.

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