Texas shows parents how to take back their schools.  FJB and the teacher child abusers.


Anyone who trusts the government is either a fool or uninformed.

This is a parody of Joe telling the mob how to storm the homes of conservative Supreme Court Judges.  We used Hitler because he could stay awake during filming.

(WAIT! DON’T GIVE UP!  At first glance, many videos appear to be unavailable  in our fast-moving electronic world. The access has been procured by YouTube,  just click on the underlined link in the black box when this happens.)

The Vicky Diary.

Video of Democratic criminals trying to influence the Supremes.

Oregon is on the ball.

Willie and Melissa cancel concerts.


This is funny.

You can get lucky, if you know your craft.

I hope the newcomers vote for ” America First “.

I hope the elected Republicans get behind this group.  Give your Chinese Stock Market purchases to them.

AP can’t keep current.

Sony rejects censorship/woke crap, and improves profits.

Fertilizer is in short supply, but the once Great America is in a quagmire of pronouns, leaks, LGBTQIA+ favoritism, and general crooked D.C. politicians.

Havana has a big hotel to explode.  Rumors say Bernie Sanders made it out OK.

You don’t need to speak, just because you can.  Amigo is going to send me on a tour to tell multi-millionaires to shut up.


Those old Democrats.

Levis can be replaced with other jeans.


Where will it end ?

Kamala has a life ring.

Is your phone secure ?


The Ocean Cruise Editor:  Are you on a sinking ship, LL ?

Life Vest Cat:  I sure feel like America is sinking, but the Democrats are predicting a man/woman/they/them/us/who overboard.  I bet when the rats start jumping ship it will only be women and children first–none of the liberal BS.

I hope they will be saved—something like this.  Tullulah Bankhead is the star.  She was the Hollywood Star we reported on a few articles back.  She found herself in a bathroom with no toilet paper, the woman in the next stall had no paper or tissue.  Tullulah asked if the had 2 fives for a ten.

This is a great movie.  Tyrone Power was voted the sexiest man in Hollywood.

We need what this article references, to be as dedicated and ruthless as Pigwoman.  No compromises with dems on anything.

Let the dems hang on the side of the lifeboat.

DeSantis says let the colleges provide the lifeboats.  I still think the plan should be terminated today.


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