The dems and Joe don’t care about anyone, but the Wokers.


Vlad looks as sick as Joe.


Joe’s Secretary nominations have put Ronald Reagan’s to shame.

3 Liberal/Dem sanctuary states love gas price increases.

Why don’t the dems arrest their violent protesters ?  Let’s give all government employees special laws.  If laws aren’t enforced they are useless–see Southern Frontier.


Maybe Hillgal is up Jerome Nadler and Adam Schiff’s Creek.

Pick your choice.

Either Nancy or Mayor Bowser are responsible.  Both are pathological liars.

DeSantis needs an award for standing up to pedophile culture-abusing Disney.

I’ve almost stopped reporting on the New Yorker’s.  The Black politicians have forgotten the minorities, and sided with the rich White Liberals.  Do you ever see AOC fighting for her constituents ?

I wonder if Joe could use it on the Southern Frontier.

A new comrade arrives.

This is a dem slob.


The Onion.

The plastic eaters won’t be able to keep up. If they could, almost everything in your home or car would be eaten–so long smart phone.


The Bee.


The Unconscious Editor:  Did you have a dream, LL ?

The Dreamer Cat:  I sure did, in my Cat Dream the R’s won a considerable majority in the HOR & Senate.  I know this is make believe, but it was fun.

The HOR repealed all of Pigwoman’s rule changes.  So long Ilhan’s head scarf, and absentee voting are a few changes.

The records were investigated on who was lying in the two impeachment votes.  Who made up information and who approved it.

A budget passed with 10 Billion to finish the wall in 22 months.

National Public Radio, and all other broadcasts involving print or electronic media were denied any funds–none–nyet–zero–cero, and nulla.  You couldn’t use money allocated for one thing on another item.

No tax money can be spent on any school or organization that promotes or teaches CRT or 1619 ideas.  The only  money permitted to be spent in any way on sex in schools that receive tax money is in Biology class, for students over 10.

Naturally, the R’s staff would put my suggestions in legalese.  If that doesn’t work anything goes.

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