Congress and our monopoly MSM have outsourced America’s Industry.  Now they want more immigrants to save America.  Do you see a plan here ?

It would be great if Jinping, Putin, and Joe left at the same time.

This is sad, but not as sad as a mother not being able to get her baby’s formula.


The left, dems, wokers, msm, and union teachers want to destroy LATINO, Spanish is historically based on a male, and a female reference.  The dems want to sterilize the language like ( birthing people ), until the change back to women when the Supremes leak happened.

Hitler congratulates Joe.

California will make money on the deal after Planned Parenthood sells the dead embryos to laboratories.

Apple is a foreign company.

Rats are like the Clintons, when women’s sexual abuse hits the news they hide until it passes.

He ran his previous company on a bounty plan, like the dems run BLM/Antifa.

Watch out.


Stacey knows how to play the game.

Guns should be included with the car keys.


Joe knows, there is no doubt.


The Technology Editor:  What is going on with technology, LL ?

The Science Cat:  The first item is Joe and his fake office across from the White House.  His many caregivers say he uses the fake office because they have installed a permanent teleprompter for his convenience.

This first came to our attention last Winter when flowers were blooming in his window.  Most everything Joe says or does is as fake as Nancy or Schumer telling the truth.  One report reveals that when Obama wants to use the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office he sends Joe to the fake office.’s_Desk_in_the_Oval_Office-_01-07-1994_(6461515323).jpg

One of the photos listed shows John, JR. playing under the desk.  Another photo shows an emotional support pony that flew on Air Force One with JFK.

The dems will be using these after the Chinese work out the bugs.

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