If Republicans get the HOR and Senate they should put this in their first budget–or quit talking like  American First officials.

Musk agrees.

Baby formula shortages get worse.

The Democrats want more immigrants, who work cheap, and are Communist.


Musk’s Twitter purchase is on hold.  The amount of subscribers is not what Twitter released.  The amount of spam users and robot users may be more than the Twitter Board Members say it is.


Something fishy is going on with this decision.

Free Kamala, Free Kamala !!!

Elise is a good politician.

I hope the survivors of the crash give America a balanced budget Constitutional Amendment.

Psaki Psux.

Wouldn’t it be a wonder if XI, Joe, and Vlad all resigned on the same day.

Sweden and Finland might join NATO.

What a shame, more pension funds invested in Ruskie Land are in danger.  Who got the kick-backs ?


Don’t count Netflix out, they still have Obama as an employee.

Avoid hang nails.

What is that Heavenly Blue ?


A secret, indeed.

This is someone’s view.

Hillgal and one of her servants.×480.jpg


The Doctor Editor:  What is on deck for today, LL ?

The Spotted Cat:  Our first topic is medicine.  It’s mostly about short men getting their legs lengthened.  I can see how this will help millions of men.

A second link is about a woman NASCAR and Indianapolis 500 driver who had breast implants, and then had them removed.

May is mental health month.

Technology will always be a mixed blessing.

Interacting with humans.  If you have to deal with humans this might help.

You can call time a Bumble Bee if you want, but it’s still there.

Add electricity to your increased expenses.  The electric car is more expensive to drive.

Politics–This could happen if Republicans turn out to vote, and have mucho poll watchers.

Marilyn’s JFK dress.

I wonder if JFK’s brother-in-law, Peter Lawford, knew something introducing her as the late Marilyn Monroe.  She was killed about two months later.

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