This is wonderful, Joe and his lackeys are already preparing for, what I hope are, many trials and an impeachment of retarded Joe Biden.  Say it ain’t so-Joe.


Melania said Vogue covers are for 20 year old people with low self-esteem. The photo shop does the work.

Drew Brees’ announcer job didn’t work out.

I have almost stopped writing about attacks on Tucker, Trump, or DeSantis.  That’s the dem’s 5 year old plan.  Race will pop up now an then.  I hope the midterms give super majorities to the Patriots.

Keep voting for the DemocRATS.

The Queen feels like she’s 86.  She must have some of Prince Andrew’s Methamphetamine.  She might be glad to be getting rid of Harry, Meghan, Putin, Jinping, and commie Biden.

Nancy Pigleosi is the biggest ” C ” in The District of Columbus.  She should be tried for treason, convicted, and sent to Guantanamo Bay.

I hope she dies a natural death at her desk, like this.

Will Pigwoman get to water her lawn every day ?

This couple needs some advice.  The puppy is a Pit bull, check your doors, a key under the mat went out when Al Gore invented the internet.


Amazon snuggles up closer to the Democrats.

They’re heeere.


You can rest easy.


The Cupid Editor:  Do cats love, LL ?

Itching Like A Man In A Fuzzy Tree Cat:  We sure do, but not like people.  Here is one opinion.

I think everyone loves differently, with different types of loves.  Overall, the greatest love is a mother’s for her children.

Here is a different love, love of killing people.  Return with us to those thrilling days of yesteryear.

The killers stick together.

Love is like politics, but not in a country run by Corporate Monopolies and demon democrats, like America.

The same people bitching about this kid running, are probably the same ones that think it is OK to give children puberty blocker drugs, and teach 5 year olds the joy of LGBTQAI+ brainwashing.

May 6 was the 68th anniversary of Roger Bannister breaking the 4 minute mile.  If you believe we can MAGA–Trump or DeSantis would be the man.

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