Everyone who can read knows she is a Radical/Liberal America hating skank.  This article is not newsworthy.

The facts.


This is from our archives, it will cheer you up.

Nancy opens up a Congressional Liquor Store.  No baby formula sold here, just liquor and alcohol.

Here is one of the new $10,000.00 doors.  The password is ” Orange man bad “.×80-knotty-alder-wood-operable-spe/1409266955840316/

Crist might be the door-keeper.

The Rayburn building has enough room for a strip-club.

Chicago tops the Buffalo shooting every weekend.


The members of the Clinton Group are still shrinking.  Living participants, of interest to the Clintons, are the Airplane pilot who flew him on about 27 flights to Jeffrey’s sex-slave island, Prince Andrew, and Ghislaine Maxwell ( currently in prison ).

More people involved with the Clintons die of heart attacks, and suicides in their forties and fifties, than statistics support. Where were Bill and Killary when the latest victim died ?

America’s military has been on a down hill slide since Obama and his maggots replaced the Generals with battlefield experience with LGBTQIA+ personnel.  Is this Navy a Super Power Navy ?

The Pentagon is run by LGBTQAI+ pacifist.  They report to Milley, Austin, and  People like Admiral Rachel Levine.

Why would any person enlist when you are forced to take COVID shots, you are called the greatest threat to America ( White Supremacist ), many are on food stamps ( EBT Cards–SNAP Program ), and reserves are only activated to defend Bowser’s D.C, or other Democratic BLM/Antifa slimy arson fires.

Don’t forget your local races.

Netflix might be experiencing the joy of freedom— FJB, BLM,Antifa, and the Democratic child sex abusers.


Thank the Democrats.  The LGBTQIA+ recruits they prefer, are out marching with BLM and Antifa.

If you have been discouraged from certain places, send us your name and address.  We have free AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL CARDS WITH BIOMETRIC EYE SCANS, FOR OUR READERS.  We can get you into the Supreme Court.


Now is the time.

The Bee.


The Earth Editor:  What is news of the environment, LL ?

Give A Hoot Cat:  This guy is doing his share, with land he doesn’t really use.

The American Southwest is in trouble with water.  Lake Meade should have been pumping in water from the Columbia, Mississippi rivers and Great Lakes for 50 years , but it’s too late now.

California has lost population for the past two years.

Watch those expenses.

The once again active Maxwell Diary.  Ghislaine gets to be with the general population.

Greyhound Dog racing is down to one state-West Virginia.


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