The Oracle that The Sphinx relies on is not optimistic about America.  We have covered almost every decision that Joe and his group of losers have made.  A Depression is 3 months away.  Here are some signs.  A baby-formula shortage is a killer, especially when Homeland Security, on the Southern Frontier, has pallets full for illegals.  Mexico has plenty.

This is funny, we borrow money from China to protect Ukraine’s borders.

I think the current laws should be enforced, no new laws for judges are needed.  This is another reason America is in big trouble.  The Democrats want the Supremes to give the leaker amnesty, before they will approve more protection.

The Hillary Diary.  The MSM and Democrats continue to ignore an attempted overthrow of a President.

The Stock Market is crashing.

The BLM group are an honest bunch.  The IRS needs to take some Democratic Agents off of Trump’s investigation and put them on these grifters.  Patrisse is money Heaven sent ?

An honest IRS would call those mistakes embezzlement.

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