Schumer is a funny duck.  The dems new slogan is  ” The Great Replacement Theory “.


The Hillary Diary, and Hillgal loses again.  Sussmann should sleep in a secure place, heart attacks and suicides are common in the strange world of Clintonesque.  Remember Jeff Epstein ?  The judge has already shown he is a good Democrat.


The Chinese plane crash appears to be deliberate.  The last thoughts of the deranged pilot was that he wanted to do to the passengers what FJB was doing to America.


The dems/Joe Biden want to keep power using the same old slogan–The Republicans are racist.

The California courts have a moment of abstract thinking.  This video also shows 3 Democratic Foundations of their party, chained together.  Walls don’t work, transitory inflation, and race baiting slimy candidates-race-race-race.

About 30 percent of the far-left or far-right will support anything, including child abuse.

I might buy a Tesla.

The PGA Championship started yesterday.  They found an old Bill Clinton golf ball.

Disney has some Lesbian, Gay, and both themed clothes for your 5 year old.

Musk has turned patriotic.


America’s NIH Director hid facts about Chinese COVID-19 Killer Flu.

Don’t let them go to Oregon.


About 107,000 Americans died of overdoses during Joe’s first year, with an open border.

I thought the face was photo shopped, before even reading the article.  They need the same shop the Kardashian’s use for their butts.


The Helpful Editor:  Are you trying to help people, LL ?

The Accidentally Helpful Cat:   No, it is just coincidental.  Everyone should read these articles.

This one is for Electrical Engineers.

Forget the baby formula, Joe has a special on Democratic Organs.  Everything must go before XI Jinping croaks.

Clean air leads to more Atlantic Hurricanes, or so they say.  FJB and them.

This is a different organ.

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