The Hillgal Diary.


Joe and his weenies can’t handle China.  Joe and Hunter are just two of their bed mates.


What is the big deal ?  Just like the border, laws aren’t followed.

DeSantis said he might make Disney World a home for the homeless.

DeBlasio wants to run for the HOR seat that, criminal Jerry Nadler, lost to redistributing. Jerry, like Nancy, wants to die behind his desk.

Maybe the CDC or NIH could send a few Doctors to check on this cluster.

Manchin is mostly a great American.

Gas was $2.10 a gallon when Biden was elected.

The Ministry of Truth is penalized for plagiarism.  She will probably go to Google to continue censoring.

The rest of the world must have a stupid shortage, for America to have so many in government.

AOC gets engaged.


Biden wants to skirt Senate approval, like Obama did the Iran Nuclear Bomb deal.  Fortunately, Trump withdrew our participation.

This will be better than a Green Bean Casserole.


The Bee Weekly.


The Dirt Editor:  What is amazing about soil, LL ?

The Dirt Dobber Cat:  One species of wasps makes a home from soil.  One of my human first-cousins was doing his crack-cocaine on a table on the front porch when a Dirt Dobber picked it up and flew to Dobberheaven.  Said cousin, never recovered his rock.

Soil has its own little environment, if left unpoisoned.

If Congress can get by without bribes from chemical companies we might see this one day, along with less cancer, autism, etc.

Save those house plants, and you might postpone pushing up daisies.

These are from Cambodia.  I guess love in any language is still love.

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