San Fran Nan is still going to Hell.  Kick Joe out of the church.


This is one reason the Supremes should be concerned about how long we have left.  Any judge who accepts this Bullsheet needs to be disbarred.


College and high school football are experiencing some big changes.

Do banks care ?

9 percent looks good.

A few years back some goofball wanted criminals to give a weeks notice before robbing or harming you.  Hate crimes are unconstitutional,  it’s an opinion.

Biden could fly to Chicago every week, to mourn those killed.

BLM has been a scam since day one.

New York, New York.


What a deal.


Hollywood is where ethics go to die, if D.C. didn’t kill them.


The What About Editor:  Has America improved under Joe and the dems, LL ?

The Who Cares Cat:  They have killed one terrorist. They have tried to pump 5 year old kids full of hormones, and other chemicals.  The last systematic plan of this type of experimentation was done by you-know-who.  Here is a report of national news.

America’s Southern Frontier needs a wall made from this.  This is satire–don’t write me about poor people.

There is no question about this, make some new treats.

One computer running all traffic is stupid, just like one Democratic Political Party running America.  Cities with millions of people are unnecessary.

If Republicans get majorities in the HOR & Senate they should pass America First budgets and laws.  No favors to the commies, who can’t follow the menu.

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