Check your JIF products, there is a recall.


The Monkey Pox ( Midterm Monkey Pox ) is real.  Practice safe-sex.  The LGBTQAI+ community should be especially cautious.


Hillary Diary.  Hillgal’s campaign manager swore in court that Hillary knew the Russian collusion was unreliable, and approved releasing everything to the press.  Maybe she can go to Hell with Pigwoman.


Free citizens have to squash the child sex abusing Democratic Teachers and administrators.  They won’t stop unless they are removed from their positions to influence children.  Disney hasn’t slowed down–don’t buy the crap.

The National School Board Association, ( NSBA ) conspired with the Biden White House to investigate the parents of school children as terrorist.

America has at least one honest judge.

Have these people, who wanted Justice for the past 3 Presidents, disappeared ?  Jussie Smollett, Alec Baldwin, The Clintons, and many more.

Loyal Sphinx readers already know this.

Joe’s unconstitutional policies get knocked down again.

The slime people have to be watched forever.


The real reasons people are moving out of cities aren’t robberies, rapes, assaults, stabbings, rats the size of cats, dope addicts, street sleepers, terrorists, kids being shot, etc.


This is how serious inflation has become.


The Tar Heel State:  What’s going on in North Carolina, LL ?

The Shore Cat:  I saw an article where some homes washed out to sea.  I sure hope Obama’s homes on Martha’s Vineyard and Hawaii don’t wash away.  I guess the oceans rising doesn’t apply to everyone.

Here are some things to do on the Outer Banks.

This is what early tourist did for excitement.

You never know.

John Denver’s Death: The Story Behind His Final Flight

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