Biden is insane, the HOR, Senate, and Cabinet won’t remove him.  Maybe Karma will.

DNA test reveal Whoopie is 25% Puffer Fish.  More tests are expected. She might have substantial amounts of DNA from Louis Xllll.


The Midterm Monkey Pox, seems to be spread by LGBTQAI + sex.

I keep repeating this so you won’t have runny, puss filled sores, and terrible scars.  Open borders will be a sure fire preventative measure.  Presumptive means the CDC hasn’t verified the local diagnosis.


The Republicans haven’t solved anything about ballots in Pennsylvania.  The judges are still making law.  McCormick is a fool to encourage incomplete ballots.  He has a short memory.


Since Nancy is going to Hell, her influence is already fading.


Has Maher come to his senses ?  FBM, he isn’t an America First Citizen.

Spartacus and the rest of the dems need an exorcist.

Trump or DeSantis is The Exorcist.

We count Chicago’s weekend shooting as a mass shooting when it reaches 20.

China wants to make your baby formulas.

A temporary answer is given.


If you want a sure thing put your money in Joe Biden’s continued mental health problems.


This baby might be a Willie Nelson, or Native American impersonator.


The Organic Editor:  What is good for us, LL ?

The Contented Cat:  Milk is good, especially for babies.  A little history will help our loyal readers in Oregon.

After America became motorized milk was delivered daily to your home, even before Amazon.

The cows were contented.

Ads were creative.

At one time a milk mustache was a selling point.

If heated to a higher temperature it lasts longer.

The Good Humor Truck was a treat.

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