The Uvalde Diary.  It appears that there was no school police officer, the outside fence is 4 feet tall, and the door was unlocked.  Show us the video.  Where are all of the smartphone videos ?

The school was locked down 48 times the past academic year, because of Joe and the Democrat’s open door policy.  The teachers and administrators were probably too busy teaching CRT and anal sex to secure the campus.

This would have helped.


Beto is a skanky dem.  Maybe he will be running with Weeble Abrams in 2024.


This is one reason Biden is a sleazy tyrant, bent on destroying the American family.

The people in New York State deserve what this POS gives them.

The Hillary Diary. This is funny.  One guy suggests ” jury nullification ” saying Sussmann was doing a public service.  Why not.


Indiana protects their females from the Radical Creeps that includes girl children.


I hope Republicans get out the vote.

What a surprise.

Nothing about Disney is American, they have a goal to make your children sexual maladjusted mutants.

Indiana, named after Native Americans, finds a big snake.

Joe needs a visit from the Spirit World.

Putin loses more buddies than the Clintons.

I hope the people moving are America First People.


They want everything of value.


Be cautious using Isopropyl ( Rubbing ) Alcohol.  As we covered a while back, it can cause hang nails if over used.

What do you think Nestles’ old ad was about ?


The Uninformed Editor:  What do they want, LL ?

The I Know Cat:  They want America’s past by destroying truths from the past.  They want America’s present–all the woke BS–turning your children into sexual mutants.  They want the future of America-the 5 percent, with the help of the MSM, are trying to destroy America.

This ” C ” should be tried for child abuse.  The data on this crap shows it screws the kids up for life.  They are experimenting on children.

This is the latest example of stupid crap that they want you to agree with.

Twitter and the other commie MSM/social media companies want your children on puberty blockers, and you to stay ignorant of what teachers are doing to your kids.

This is great news.  I loathe Disney like Bill Clinton loathed the military.  In a cemetery far, far, away…………

If you want to know the secret of the Claw Machine, it’s having high expectations and dreams.  If you really believe it will happen.

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