I have learned to expect the worst of everything in the Joe/MSM Administration.  The Forest Service can’t even do a controlled burn.

The Uvalde shooting is looking more bizarre.  The teacher with a propped open door is how the killer gained entry.


Some sports teams support child mutilations.  I try to stop writing about this, but organizations want your child’s soul.

Good for Kapler.  Maybe he will protest 107,000 overdose deaths, largely because of an open border and drugs.


Amigo found one sports team that is on the right track.

This governor is no woker.

A hero mom, and computer repairman.

This cop needs to be working in Joe’s Cabinet.

A riddle for you.


What shortages ?


Elon is their target.


The Coupon Editor:  Are we going back in time, LL ?

Raleigh Coupon Cat:  Just for educational purposes, many of our loyal readers aren’t aware that only a few years ago you could purchase many things with coupons.  Here are some.

I apologize, many companies had coupons. I got side tracked like Biden’s Truth Minister.  These are interesting.

With all the problems the Secret Service has with Working Women in Colombia, alcohol in South Korea, and bottoming out the President’s Limo in Ireland, Amigo has developed a Coupin Book.  It’s good for any country in any language.  Here is a secret video on how it works.

Amigo is sure he will make more money than Elon Musk.  SS violations are like an iceberg, only ten percent is visible.  These made the news.

They would be covered in South America, if anyone still lives there.

In South Korea the agents would get a 10% discount for drinking Soju.  It is only 20 percent alcohol by volume.  If they bring the empties back to DC they will be given to BLM for Molotov Cocktails.

Amigo has a free Laptop Pack if new Coupin Books are ordered before the midterm elections.  They will hold the discrete personal items that modern agents need.

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