Sphinx readers knew the innocent verdict was coming.  There were three Democrats on the jury.  All we can hope for is to make the criminals spend money on future judges and lawyers.


This guy should know that the CIA, FBI, and Justice Department are arms of the Democratic Party.  Nothing will be done until the entire upper management and corrupt culture is cleaned out by a mass firing.  Only a fool believes anything the government says or writes.

I can think of thirty more.


‘Top Gun: Maverick’ has all good reviews , so far.


Why is no one mentioning the teacher who left the door propped open ?


I will believe this BS when Obama and the rest of the crooks sell their homes on Martha’s Vineyard, Hawaii, and Malibu.  Maybe the carrier shown can run on some Chinese made solar panels.

Do this with everything you hear or read from the MSM.

Would someone send me something that Stacey Abrams has accomplished ?

Are bed bugs still a problem ?

Does Chattanooga have a gang problem ?

The Supremes have several important decisions this month.


France has a Dijon shortage.

Babies know what’s going on.


Musk is the master.


The Arachnid Editor:  What is news-making about spiders, LL ?

The Goofy Cat:  It’s not the spiders, it’s that people are buying them for pets.  Them dems must be collecting them, they go into the dark and evil places where they live.

I like the Praying Mantis.  Aliens from the Andromeda Galaxy probably look like them.

Horses and humans.

The world in general.

Since the medical profession has forsaken science for politics, I don’t believe anything I read without more research.

Here is another cat story.  It sounds like Hillary Clinton slithering from her grave.

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