America deserves to crash.  Congress and Joe also deserve to crash.

21 Black, White House, employees are leaving.  CNN, Disney, and MSNBC  will have first pick.

An Ohio woman qualifies as being stupid enough to run for Congress.  Stay tuned for news of more democratic voters, from the Buckeye State.


Your Secretary of Education says gender reassignment surgery should be between a teacher and child.  Why isn’t one of these cases before the Supremes ?


The new name for people not Democrats is Christofascist.


Obama was busy selling guns to Mexican drug cartels.

The numbers have been inflated for years.


An unnews break.

Cleveland solves the Indians Mascot problem.


Loudoun County, Virginia needs a special prosecutor.

Journalism news.

I guess New York state will issue wanted alerts to look out for X.  Licenses for illegals has been delayed a week.

Robots could be AI.

Abbott is trying.

The Hogg guy and Acosta person popped up in the news the past week.  I wish I could figure out the schedules.  Paul Pelosi wrecked a Porsche and got a DUI.  Anyone related to the witch should get free cocaine.  Call Hunter or Joe.

The Republicans are fighting back.

Today’s Dis-Honors.

This has been BS from day one.  The woke media won’t print the truth.  The female swimmers should not swim against these mentally confused people.  If they threaten your scholarship sue them.


Let’s hope this applies to only dems.


Chemicals in pesticides and plastics have been known for years to mimic female and male hormones.  Like autism and vaccines, your government is paid big bucks to let business poison you anyway they want.

Ben Shapiro might love again, maybe Ilhan Omar, if only he was her brother.


I Don’t Know Editor:    What in the world is serendipity, LL ?  Is it a new variant of the Wuhan Chinese Red Death Killer Flu ?

The Happy Cat:  The flu will be back for the midterm elections.  Some reports show  that the sanctuary states will allow voting in meth-houses, and Dunkin’ Donuts.  This is the generally accepted definition.

Personally, I think it is closely connected to having ” IT “.  That is for another day.  For some unexplained reason people or things rise above others in similar life circumstances.

Roy Rogers was an example 30 years before The Beatles.  I guess every generation has similar ” stars “.

Do shopping carts count ?

This is something whose idea has arrived.  What could go wrong with this ?

Amigo wants to play a song for our millions of Latino loyal readers.

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