The Marines are looking for a few good men/other.


Baltimore has 21 public schools with no air conditioning.  Baltimore has had all Democratic Mayors since 1967, that’s before we walked on the moon.  The citizens & politicians are worthless.

New York law makers want to take away money from victims and give it to the poor lawyers.


The poor Supremes.

Maybe someone left the back door propped open or the lock didn’t work.  I don’t believe anything from this incident.


A small town in Georgia gets some attention

Nancy wants to get out of HELL.

As part of the selection process, this juror should have been asked how she would feel if someone reported her as a child sexual abuser.  She obviously has never heard of morality.

Whoever put a pet fence ( 4 feet tall ) around the school, and whoever left or opened the door is as responsible as the killer.

I’m tired of writing about Biden/MSM screw ups.

The rich can save a few bucks.

Congress lets China buy Forbes Magazine, an influential financial publication.  What we have here is a door propped open for China, or a lock that didn’t work.  Thank Congress, Joe, and MSM.


Make the best of your dollars while you can.  Are you listening Secret Service–get a discount on your Columbia Working Women.


In all of my cat-years, this might be the most bizarre crime.  The known intruders even took a check.  From the photos it looks like men get orange jumpsuits, and the women get green.

Phyllis knew how to survive.


The Live Long Editor:  What can our loyal readers do for a longer life, LL ?

The Nine Lives Cat:  Learn to live in harmony with Nurdles, and WIFI electromagnetic radio waves.  Nurdles are first, our owner, MST, has used billions in her many incarnations as a regular human.

Here is where too many end up.  I bet every creature on Earth big enough to swallow the micro-plastics has a bunch in their bodies.  Each plastic island is bigger than Texas or Ukraine.  There must be others in the Atlantic and Indian oceans.

I bet the two mentioned are full of radiation from Fukushima.

This WIFI article is for experts.

Remember when they say a little won’t hurt you, they are lying.  You get a little driving under the towers, at home, at school, shopping, on airplanes, on ships, from satellites, and anyplace where modern technology is present.

As an Oregon student would say, ” you ain’t seen nothing, Yet “.  Survival means being self-sufficient.  Wait until China stops exporting to the once beacon of freedom, the late great USA.

Survival in retarded Bowser’s District of Columbus is getting more difficult.

See what happens to spouses in big time politics.

Joe has found his niche.  I hope he almost lives to be impeached.

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