The MSM has barely mentioned the Tulsa killer who killed 4 medical employees, he is a Black American.


I hope every Republican will use these shortages and other actions by the dems in their ads.

This will go to support woke District Attorneys.


This will be linked to the LGBTQAI + sexual practices.

This has been known since the electronic voting machines were introduced.  See who got a bribe for buying the machines.  If you want security use paper ballots.


Maybe the truth will come out one day.  A fence 4 feet high is not a security fence.

Don’t monkey around with this.

Taiwan liked the jacket.

Pennsylvania still has a problem with ballots, and male swimmers in the women’s pool.

This is a little uplifting, but the people from Oregon haven’t reached $7.00 gas yet.

Go figure.

Stacey sux, she’s a commie.


Trans anything can be added.


I hope she painted over the Tax The Rich slogan.


The Religious Editor:  What is coming, LL ?

Burn Baby Burn Cat:  I’m not talking of the riots in the 1960’s.

It is time for the Republicans to save Nancy and Hillary Of Arc.  The Church and the Radical Left might use Joan of Arc as a model for the dem failures.  We can only list the worst offenses, you decide.  Nancy is going to Hell for enjoying the killing of babies more than her $112.00 a gallon ice cream. The Pope is no joke.

They can use left over fuel from the BLM riots and murders.

I hope the next time I write about Hillgal it is an obit or guilty verdict.

Maybe my 40 years of her deceit, lying, stealing, that Vince Foster thing, and barking like a dog are a subconscious Mandela Effect.

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