Tom Rice must be defeated.  He supports child abuse in schools, and is a democrat.



The Uvalde shooting unveils incompetence.  All of Biden’s disasters would be just as bad, if we knew the facts.  Remember when Biden was asked about Russia invading Ukraine? He said “it depends on how big of an incursion it was.”


This is a sad story.  I don’t have the same cat-feelings for crimes/deaths in sanctuary cities that I once had.  For 6 years crime has been unpunished, and anything goes.  This looks like a gang shooting, a person who needs some jail time, and the usual Chicago anarchy.


Pizza Hut wants to sexualize your children.  Stop buying their garbage.  It is child abuse.


Elon should be careful, Joe might take him out behind the gymnasium.

I wish I knew why Maher is making sense the last several months.  Lock the door.


Robot dogs on the moon, why not ?

Harini wins.

FedEx should sue both of these amateurs.

It’s about time.  The District Attorneys, Mayors, and Governors in the sanctuary states should be arrested and prosecuted for not enforcing the law.

Every Sphinx reader knows the Biden family is trash, scum, and feces.

Everyone who believes in the Constitution fights a POS like this.  Maybe some protesters need to be marching in front of his home.

I forgot what I was going to say.

Most of the 911 employees are competent.

The Carolina Panthers have their first transgender cheerleader.


This is great news.

They aren’t showing the homeless tent cities, and drug addicts sleeping in doorways.

Now foreign billionaires are buying our elections.


It isn’t a joke.  Go to your municipal complex and check it out.


The 90 Proof Editor:  Is alcohol good or bad, LL ?

The 50 Percent By Volume Cat:  Like most things, moderation is the key.  Psaka Psaid pdrink pmargaritas.  The young entrepreneurs  in New York have engaged in an enterprise that made America great.  They started working.

The amount of alcohol seems to be about 3 ounces of various liquors.  The profit seems to range between 8 to 10 dollars per drink.

That’s a nice boost for the economy, T5PBVC.

It sure is, in a short time the young business people will have body guards to keep from being robbed and killed.  Their families will hire attorneys, etc.  Everyone will get a piece of the pie.

Maybe Chris Christie was onto something in 2017 when he closed the beaches while he and his family enjoyed a day at the beach.

Christie’s is an old incident, so is this one.  We showed plenty of videos when it first happened.  The Mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms, called the officer a murderer before an indictment, she didn’t run for reelection for some reason.

The Fulton County District Attorney said he was a murderer.  Paul Howard was under investigation for giving himself a pay raise–like a service person might give themselves a tip on your credit card.  Paul was the man in a once great city, which is now a sanctuary rat hole.

It has been two years.  What about a speedy and public trial.  We want Justice–Free Rolfe, Free Rolfe, Free Rolfe.

This is another article in our commitment to bring our reader’s the very best news concerning alcohol.

Elvis got a standing ovation.

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