Where are Hill & Bill ?


The Good Nancy gets a stamp.

Boycott Pizza Hut, save your children and grandchildren.


New York City’s new mayor lets the big banks rob/cheat customers in Chinatown.  He couldn’t care less.

The liberals in California could not care less about individuals getting robbed, assaulted, or killed.  If victims organized they might have a chance.


The Chinese have mastered the mind of a Democrat.  Some photos of Pigleosi, Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, and Joe are included.

Own a part of movie history.

Republicans should get after the dems, on the right to free speech.  We want the truth.  Ole Nancy, happy trails to you.

A word to the wise.

This is for many of our sports fans.  The only game in town is the Chinese NBA.  Many people prefer America First.  Thanks to loyal reader RW, a true patriot.

Today’s dis-honors.

Twitter wants to keep the ability to lie, cheat, and deceive the world.


DeSantis will protect Florida.

Disney still sux, even Commie Sue thinks so.


The bees will just move a few feet away and continue their master plan.  Loyal reader RW uses a badminton racket.

You need real gold, not shares or other worthless notes.


The Everything Editor:  Have you dug up more slime, LL ?

It’s Hard To Avoid It Cat:  I see more slime than the Congressional Sanitation workers. 

Pence surprises Georgia’s temporary Governor Kemp, he’s holding Stacey Abrams place until she returns from Dunkin’ Donuts.

Tournaments should start kicking the ill mannered brats out–see you next year.

The media is still striving for mediocrity.

Stacey is a lying skank.

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