This is wonderful news, but only one type of cancer was involved.  San Francisco also removed a cancer.


If you want to find the reasons for mass shootings, release the medical history of the shooters, conditions at the shooting site, and mistakes made by the authorities.  The Federal Government comes in and hides evidence of their failure.  Uvalde had a fence 4 feet high, an unlocked/open door, and a 40 minute wait by the police to kill the creep.  The head cop didn’t even have a radio.

Between 3 and 4 thousand enter America illegally every day rain, shine, or other.


I would listen to Bonnie and Clyde before these two skanks.

Both are America Firsters.

Don’t get lazy and not vote.

If McCarthy isn’t as unprincipled, lawless, scummy, smelly, without scruples, like Pigleosi he will endanger the 2024 election.

What gets me through the day is imagining Kamala replacing Joe, after he resigns.

Lindsey can shut up, no one will define gun control or assault weapon.  They have become meaningless like, racism, White Supremacy, White Privilege, and all the LGBTQAI + BS.  Lindsey is up for reelection in November, 2026.

South Carolina also has some miserable excuses for HOR members.  Tom Rice and Jim Clyburn would make a vulture vomit.  Clyburn will be 82 in July, maybe Father Time and Mother Nature will visit him.

Hunter is a loser.


This is old, but like fine wine is even better.

Joe and Hunter are forever working on the plans for those pesky computers.


The Bee.


The Almost Reported Everything About Schools Editor:  Are you as upset with schools as I am, LL ?

The Parents Need To Take Over Cat:  I sure am.  I’m almost to the point that our loyal readers can find information they need in our news organizations that we list daily.  Education is a State Power, not the feds.  This is how the feds get around the Constitutional Issues.

The authorities will not release prescribed drug use of the killers, even if they are dead.  It’s a privacy deal.  The truth is that the drugs have side effects that drug companies don’t want the public to know–in the individual case.

Arizona, The Grand Canyon State.  Their Education Departments aren’t so grand.

One less problem.

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