The Texas police seem to be trying to figure out what happened.  As far as having the DOJ investigate, they and Attorney General Merrick Garland are as crooked as a cork screw.  I would rather have Kim Jong-un handle the case.

Justin Bieber has a partial face paralysis.


Get your pregnant Ken doll.  It’s the second part of a Babylon Bee article.  Hurry, before the Supremes’ decision.

Miley’s halftime show was shown on Sports illustrated.

What do you see ?


 A trashy, violent government in D.C. ( Congress/Nancy and Mayor Bowser ) attracts trashy, repulsive, criminals.

Pigleosi’s Capitol Police and Bowser’s D.C. police turned down help from the Pentagon.

Schumer’s top aide was informed the night before the riot.


The most talented college football players like the new system.

Here is a talented Democratic Ballot Box Stuffer.  Like the walls don’t work Democratic motto–voting is corruption free–sure.

Black women want protection.

Only lies come out of New England.  Jeopardy is only a shadow of the Alex Trebek years.  The woke hosts smell.  I’m surprised they don’t replace the theme music with North Korea’s National Anthem.

The Chinese said it is OK to curse people who are at the game.

American Justice is as dead as RBG.

How much are Joe’s 1.6 million illegals contributing to the housing shortage ?  Where are they living ?


This is a new feature–Cat News.

Remember, good deeds and money often end in disaster.

America is crashing under the $30,000,000,000,000.00 debt, not to mention interest.  MST said it will never be repaid.


What a mix-up.


The In Debt Editor:  Isn’t credit and debt as normal as Apple Pie and Sex, LL ?

The Fat Cat:  Shucks yes.  They have been around since the Have and Have Nots.  My first article is a brief history.

Unless you want to be an indentured servant for your whole live, the only things you should owe big bucks on are a vehicle and home mortgage.

Dave Ramsey is a fine example of giving back or paying forward for today’s retards.

This is why ” Climate Change is a joke “.  The debt of the American Government is over $30,000,000,000,000.  Anyone who is worried about the climate is worried about the wrong thing.  Washington D.C., is a rat hole of crooked legislators and Presidents turning America into a Banana Republic.  As MST said the debt will never be paid.

If you make the laws, you can do as you please.  This is the largest IOU in the history of the Earth.

New York might need more credit.

What about this ?

A cashless society is on the way, except for the rich and politicians.

These services appear to be helpful, if you are flat-out-busted.

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