This is the ASININE plan of our Democrat ABSOLUTE Lunatics.


What about this ?


This was reported months ago.  Pigwoman and Bowser wanted the riot to happen, to blame Trump.

We went through this in Vietnam, American 18 year old draftees could die for their country, but not drink alcohol.  The dems never change.  FJB and the Democrats.


Pick your favorite HOR member or Senator.

DeSantis or Trump will make a good President.

In Texas, parents sue the state to stop an investigation into them giving their children puberty-blocking drugs.  This is child abuse.  You can’t even give prisoners chemical castration drugs in prisons. The LGBTQAI + want your children.  I will continue to group teachers as one group until I see some protesting against their unions concerning sexualizing children.

I want Republicans to do the same thing to Democrats. Merrick Garland is a POS.

New Zealand wants to tax cow, sheep, and Kiwi flatulence-farts for you democrats and Oregon residents.

This is standard operating procedure ( SOP ), they use it to cover up things for the rich or politicians.  The feds use national security to cover their mistakes.

In the NFL you can be Woke or broke-er, or be gone.

These cases should be at the Supremes in 30 days, not 15 months.


The Babylon Bee isn’t fooling around.


The biggest lesson is shut up when your are on the internet.


The Ancient Editor:  How old is ancient, LL ?

The Wise Cat:  The Sphinx uses about 2,000 years.  This definitely qualifies.

This is an ancient practice.  The problem with it is, you shouldn’t have sex with someone who reports to you in a work environment.  Grooming is a nice sounding word that was first used on 5 year old children by their abusers.

This would have been a big hit in ancient times—like Chick-fil-A.

This is old history, about 20 years.

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