Let’s just say $5,000.00 per year.  Families below 50 thousand per year are hurting.  Bill Clinton and Joe Biden feel your pain, on their way to Martha’s Vineyard.

Joe and the Democrats reach another historical milestone–gas $5.00 a gallon.

The dems are still plenty violent, the MSM just isn’t reporting it.

Every agency I read about is as corrupt as Nancy Pigleosi.  You have to use the FOIA to get everything.

Katie is doing very well.  Does she hate capitalism and America ?  Does she support the NFL’s position on 5 year old children ?

Joe is a POS.

The Ruskies took Crimea under Obama, and started a war under Trashy Joe.  They invaded nobody under Trump.  If Trump was still President, he and Vlad would be dancing and drinking wadka.  Gas would be $2.10 a gallon, we would be exporting baby-formula, and Europe would be at peace.  The Ruskies would be helping us contain China in the Pacific.

Catch up on some items.

Thanks to daranger for this link.  Joe is under water in the Mary Jo Kopechne State.

The Navy says they solved a mystery, and another one pops up.

Toby Keith has cancer.


Maybe they could bomb plastic bottles or The Big House down the road.


Bee news.


The Sports Editor:  What is almost football, LL ?

She Wanted Me To Hold Her Panties Cat:  Paul Pelosi’s car accident keeps getting more and more strange.  Let’s give credit to the officer who couldn’t be swayed from his duty.  We hope Paul recovers in time to receive the insider-trader-stock options that Nancy is bringing back from the East.

Amigo said that reminded him of a few SNAFUs in college football.  Driving drunk or under the influence is not funny.  Maybe my article will save just one lying Democrat.  The University of Georgia had just hired their first Black Athletic Director–then fate moved its huge hand.  Damon’s article is from 2010.

This is about when Alabama hired a new coach.  Bama had 20 terrible years before Saban got there.

Steve was the funniest coach ever.

This is Steve before he turned White.

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