Joe has more problems.  Say it ain’t so, Joe.


The Democrats in Congress have been lying and altering evidence for 6 years.

The Chief must be Adam Schiff’s brother.


The RINO of the week is Asa Hutchinson, Governor of Arkansas.  Trump should shut up about the past.  Asa is not an America First person–go to CNN or MSNBC.  Many Trump supporters jump ship when they can’t use him anymore.

The mug shot of Nancy’s better half.


Sarah runs against Santa Claus.

Will the dems run a candidate in 2024 ?  Stacey Abrams is the front runner, or maybe Hillary.

DeSantis has a boat parade.

Give your employees a living wage.

Give this guy some Hungry Jacks before fighting.

This woman should drop her loser boyfriend, or charge $100.00 for sex.

Home Depot doesn’t have to support BLM.

Times are tough.

Shame on you, Kim.


The European Union exempts private jets from the new tax.  Your betters will still ride-the-wind.

The Emperor is serious.


He should also check his carpet for Parmesan Cheese, like Hunter.


The Community Chest Editor:  Who is first on your list, LL ?

The Horse Whisperer Cat:  I thought is was horses, but maybe not.  It’s an informative article, but they would be made in China.

Every Democrat, but two, needs these attached to their genitals.  The RINO’s also.  I sure hope they can find one big enough for Lori Lightfoot.

Many people have become accustomed to these.  Justice Breyer needs some when he turns in his robe.

Almost everyone needs to be aware of these procedures.

Kenny found ” what “, and it was country music.

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