Joe and his Democrats are geniuses.

If the dems win the HOR, and Schiff becomes speaker it would be icing on the cake.


Call it the Democratic Oozing Sore Pox.


This is one company’s story.  It sounds like America.

A lot of rich people are sleazy, smelly, and have no ethics, much like members of Congress.

I hope every dem loses.

They are Limousine Republicans.

Pigleos’s HOR should be sanitized.  FJB, and San Fran Nan.  The twilight of her criminal career is closing fast.

Herschel has another son.

Joe protects illegals, as usual.

Nancy and Bowser at work.


Chip Chip celebrates June’s coat.  Next month Biden will honor pedophile teachers.


Those silly dems.


The I Can Editor:  Who can’t do what, LL ?

The I Know Cat:  The Federal and State Governments can’t stop alcohol/liquor from entering America.  They tried it with the 18th Amendment, and ended that sorry era in American History with the 21st Amendment repealing the 18th.

Drugs are the same deal.  There is too much money in illegal and legal drugs.  Any government that classifies Marijuana and Heroin as equally dangerous is already corrupt or uneducated.

The Constitution gives the states control of abortions.

Open borders are a violation of the Federal Government by not enforcing America’s sovereignty.  There is too much money involved for crooked members of Congress and crooked political parties to follow the law.

The Second Amendment assures American’s the right to own guns.  This wasn’t listed to kill deer.  It is to protect you from your government and killers.

Go figure.

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